American Basketball League

For over three decades we have witnessed the habitual failure of minor league basketball in America. Each fledgling league, full of empty promises and business models that simply could never achieve longevity. As a result, “Market Reservation Fees”, uncontrolled expansion and abhorrent executive leadership have eroded the minor league basketball system in America today.

By providing certified referees, uniforms and a carefully coordinated regional inter-conference schedule, participating teams will enjoy a substantial decrease in operating costs currently realized by teams in other minor basketball leagues. “playing a road game eight hours from your home base and incurring the costs associated with lodging, food, gas and ground transportation is a recipe for certain economic disaster” says ABL CEO Steven A. Haney “our business model would reduce operating costs of current organizations upwards of 50% a season, making otherwise bankrupt teams operationally successful and profitable. At the end of the season, we will have divisional playoffs where teams from around the country can compete with one another without bearing the risk of bankruptcy”