Texas Legal

Dear Customer Service:

I understand being many miles away from Las Vegas you only have the computer version, with modifications I am sure, of what transpired yesterday. For your understanding and to someway apologize for some of my tweets, I will explain the timeline and my dealing with AA below.

After the plane came in approximately 330 pm it wasn't until 430pm or so we were informed our flight was cancelled, not delayed. We were given a dedicated number to call to rebook or head directly to the ticket counter, if we didn't have any checked bags. For some reason AA decided that their employee time was worth more than the time of your passengers and we needed to go collect our own bags. I can only assume that the 50 dollars in bag fees didn't cover more than one bag transfer from the ticket counter to a plane. As I went to get my bags my wife was on the phone with reservations through the dedicated number that was provided by AA. After retrieving our bags, approximately a 30-45 minute wait for them to be unloaded, again after we were told of our flight cancellation, we then rechecked those bags, and headed again through security. We were told we were confirmed on the 630 flight however no seat assignments were given, however we were informed we could receive our assignment at the gate. After arriving at the gate at approximately 5:15 pm we were informed that there would be a shift change and the new personnel would be assigning those seats. After trying to speak with counter personnel, I was rather rudely informed that she had no answers on our flight or seats. Approximately 6pm the EXACT SAME WOMAN returned and when I asked her if she could help me know without the shift change she stated (with many witnesses) that it was a cluster earlier and she had to clear out to let the situation die down. She then informed me my tone was unappreciated. At that point it did cross my mine to head back downstairs to talk to someone else however that would have required a 3rd tram ride and another trip through security, so I bit my tongue, apologized, and she did give my wife and I seat assignments. She did inform me at that time our flight was delayed not cancelled and she could rebook me on that flight but that was all that could be done. Of course that meant more dealing with this lovely individual so I declined.

After our new plane arrived, we were informed that during transport it was apparently struck by lightning via transport.