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American Association for Cancer Support

The American Association for Cancer Support, a nonprofit cancer relief organization, is dedicated to supporting their cancer patients, regardless of cancer type or age, with supplies, financial assistance,and resources to help them and their families cope during a difficult time. The American Association for Cancer Support’s educational tools and cancer awareness initiatives encourage healthy eating, exercise, and other wellness strategies.

Available programs include the Cancer Care Card, which can be pre-loaded with a specific dollar amount and mailed to a cancer patient to help them with their financial needs, such as buying medications or everyday purchases. Another support option is the Cancer Care Package, which includes available necessities like a toothbrush, blanket, lotion, hand sanitizer, and other items to help make recipients more comfortable during a hospital stay.

Established in 2011, the American Association for Cancer Support remains committed to fighting cancer one person at a time by providing physical and emotional support, and contributes grants to selected organizations conducting cancer research as well as distribution support for needy in developing world.