American Bully Customs

Racine, WI

American Bully Customs LLC. is a company based on Old School morals and standards. This company was formed by two couples living in the Midwest. We live a custom lifestyle as we are motorcycle enthusiast. American Bully Customs LLC. is a statement. A hardcore clothing line for the hardcore American. We would also like people to understand that we are in no way condoning bullying. The Bully in American Bully Customs serves two purposes. One being, to remind us as Americans of how we are being bullied out of our traditional values into modern society's thoughts of what's acceptable. We want our hot rod building, motorcycle modifying, jacked up truck culture back. These things symbolize to us a time of real brother and sisterhood. When family and friends meant everything and one would do all to protect both. The second meaning is an identifier. American Bully the breed. This breed is known to us as having high integrity, the toughest stature, and the never lose mentality that we see in ourselves. These traits and feelings are what you're sure to feel when wearing our apparel which by the way is all custom designed in house. American Bully Customs LLC… just feels good!