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Educational Debt Relief Program in California

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Are you drowning in debt? (TM)

Millions of people across America need help.

That’s why New Start America .Org developed this Easy, Step-by-Step Program to help consumers:

You may get out debt in as little as 6 - 18 months!

You may save Thousands in Principal & Interest on the debt you owe.

Gain access to an Easy Video Tutorial System you can watch on your Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Phone.

Watch & apply this program to your debt at your own pace.

By providing an online members portal to help you track your debt and to give you all the resources to be successful at eliminating your debt and completing this process.

You may save Thousands of dollars by learning how to do this process yourself; compared to hiring an outside company or agency who will charge you thousands to do this for you. If you’re in debt why would you pay thousands you already don’t have to a company to do this for you?!

This program is for anyone who is:

Late on paying their unsecured creditors. Like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and lines of credit.

Dealing with collection letters and collection calls from collection companies.

Months late on paying their debts.

Struggling with minimum payments every month, barely getting by.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. Borrowing money from friends and family, but still unable to pay off your debt.

Experiencing a financial hardship, a reason, why paying off your debt has become so difficult. Maybe you lost your job, your hours were cut at work, divorce, a medical emergency, death in the family, etc.

Even for people making on-time payments to their creditors, but their payoff table on their credit card statement shows getting out of debt in DECADES!

Take Back Your Financial Future! (TM)

You Deserve A New Start America (TM)

Visit NewStartAmerica.Org today to see if our program may help you! New Start America .Org