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I'm a Traditional American with conservative views and an opinion on everything.

Why American Infidel? By definition, an Infidel is a non-believer of certain religions; in my case that would be radical Islam. I happen to be a firm believer in freedom of expression without fear.
You can disagree with me, my politics or my religion, and I promise I won’t get the overwhelming urge to blow something up.

I’ve worked for the US Army, ARNG, AFTB and as an EMT-P. Needless to say I support our Military, our allies and all First Responders.

Animal rescue - dogs, cats and maintaining feral cat colonies, Creating and maintaining wildlife habitats.

Currently a member and contributor to the Patriot Journalist Network
Pt time artist and amateur photographer.

Raising awareness for Autism
"Different, Not Less"

Roman Catholic - 2,000 years of Christian Tradition

Do I Follow Back? - Yes! You've been thoughtful enough to follow me, it's my pleasure to return the favor.
If you'd like to add my BU acct - @OdiousWeazel

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