Ray Cruz

Project Management and Technology Professional with over 12 years of Technology and Online Media industry experience. I am a results-driven project champion, adept at managing all aspects of complex projects from initial concept to final product release. I am passionate about building high performing, cohesive, cross-functional teams that deliver sustainable value, revenue and speed time to market. I have a strong background in technology management and agile project management, leading software engineering teams and innovative product development. Through effective communication, excellent analytical, organizational, follow-up and facilitation skills, I have been able to consistently deliver a high level of efficiency and transparency to complex projects. Specialties: Project Manager/Scrum Master with a keen ability to adapt to change, build concensus and help execute the highest priority objectives on schedule all the time. Team builder and an Agile coach. I prefer to work in highly demanding/sensitive team based environments with an emphasis on "Getting it Done" Specialties Infrastructure/Systems/Web Technology Agile Project Management, Product Development, Executive IT Support and Project Management, Internet Media and Banking industry experience as well as risk mitigation, iterative planning, facilitation, coaching Agile teams. AV Systems/Projects support and implementation, Aviation Satcom systems/projects, Satellite Communication, SwiftBroadband, VSat systems, Marine broadband system