Herb Reed

Herb Reed grew up knowing what he wanted to achieve from a young age. Herb started as a paper delivery boy and saw what it was like to be an entrepreneur and was determined to be more than the ordinary kid on the block. His school years were dedicated to business and management. In his school curriculum he made sure he added subjects like public speaking and writing in order to be able to speak to the public correctly and write properly. In his US Navy years, Herb was in charge of the office to which he was assigned and was able to write outgoing message for his squadron, even though he was just an E3 (two steps above that of a boot camp sailor). Later Herb was given the opportunity to speak before Sunday School children as a teacher and imparting the assigned curriculum in which he could research and teach. Later Herb was given the opportunity to preach the Gospel before the Congregation of the church which he attended. In his college classes he continued with speaking, writing and computer skills where he received his first 'Rejection Letter' from a publisher. Today, Herb is still writing in which his first published book is 'American Phoenix Rising'.