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Lawsuit loans in USA

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NPR Legal Funding offers the lowest cost settlement loans available in the United States. We understand the challenges of those injured do to the negligence of someone else. Whether it is a car accident or a slip and fall case, we work quickly to evaluate your case and help you get the financial support you need.

Many times accident victims lose time from work due to their injuries. Going through an accident can be a time consuming experience and you many people need settlement loans to help make ends meet. However, settlement loans are not like a traditional loan. A settlement loan is also known as a pre settlement loan or a lawsuit cash advance. However, often times many people refer to lawsuit settlement advances as “lawsuit loans.” However, settlement loans from NPR Legal Funding require no upfront payments and no monthly payments like a traditional loan. They also require no credit check or employment verification like a traditional bank loan.

Settlement loans can be expensive but NPR Legal Funding guarantees the lowest rates available for your type of case. Settlement loans are meant to tide you over when other means of meeting your financial needs are unavailable. After you’ve asked family and friends and other ways of raising money for your expenses have failed, then people often turn to settlement loans from NPR Legal Funding to help them bridge the gap.

Insurance companies know you’re under pressure to settle your case because you need immediate financial assistance. Often times, an insurance company will offer a lower amount than you deserve because they know you are under duress to pay bills and take care of your family. Pre settlement loans solve this dilemma by allowing the plaintiff’s attorney to seek the fairest settlement available. Your attorney needs time and space to reach a fair settlement, and by taking care of your financial needs with a settlement loan, he can do just that.