American Screening Corporation

Rapid Testing And Drug Testing in Shreveport, LA

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After 15 years in operation, ASC is currently a leading ISO 13485 Certified distributor of quick drug and alcohol tests, infectious disease testing, cardiac tests, and medical supplies to the US, SA, Asia, AF, EC, and AU. We specialize in offering goods that satisfy CLIA, FDA, EC Directive 98/79 CE, and Health Canada standards. In addition, we are responsible for our process FEMA, risk management, labeling file, and tech file.

Our core values vision and mission?

1. 30,000 square foot warehouse building
a. Faster receiving and shipping
b. Fast and expedited kitting with sop and quality control to ship you kits when you need them, large inventory space, and flexibility with hiring employees to scale with your business
c. 30,000 square foot warehouse on 5 acres so we can build to meet your expanding needs and handle any job
d. Now offering International Door to Door and provides import agents across the globe
e. Faster supply chains for our drug tests now, special panels drug tests 7-10 days production 30-40 days ocean to warehouse
f. Large inventory 23,000 cases of drug test cups, 98,000 cases of dip cards

2. 12,000 square foot office
3. Achieved iso 13485 certification in Jan 2012
4. MDSAT Certified
5. Has a Quality System
6. Sells to over 50 Countries
7. Business for 20 years
8. Now offering International Door to Door and provides import agents across the globe
9. Ron Kilgarlin Jr founder prioritizes our customers. We have been successful since inception with high growth starting January 7 2004
10. We have led our field since 2004 so much so you see many knockoffs copying says CEO Ron Kilgarlin Jr

Complete Rapid Drug & Alcohol Testing Solution