American Truck Group

Proudly working with American truck drivers for over a decade, American Truck Group believes in the important role truckers play in the nation's economy. Many banks and other lending organizations turn down applications submitted by drivers suffering from financial hardship. American Truck Group assists drivers by enrolling them in programs that provide them with significant discounts and incentives on the resources they need to return to work.

One of American Truck Group's new programs, the 50/50,and our other services offer state-apportioned tag-service plating under excellent terms, customers receive a new haul plate without the normal waiting period. The company's second program, the Trucker Super Saver, provides customers with a 30-day nationwide protection coverage, a four-year power protection plan with an added year extension from the super saver program, and payments are covered while their truck undergoes any necessary repairs in our shop over an 8 hour period -- all the resources drivers need to get back on the road. To support these and other programs, American Truck Group invested in a $15 million facility and educates their representatives about the latest training and supervisory materials and practices.

In addition to the company's driver-oriented program, American Truck Group also sponsors a range of charity causes and organizations. Throughout February 2011, the company supported events such as Mississippi Surge Military Appreciation Night. Held at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on February 26th, the first annual event offered 100 tickets for military men and women and special commemorative jerseys. Earlier in the month, American Truck Group donated to the Pink in the Rink charity, a breast cancer fundraiser.

Students can also benefit by associating with American Truck Group via its apprenticeship program, which, in union with Harrison Central High School, offers students the chance to learn the skills necessary to become Class 8 truck technicians.