American Weapons Components

Full Range of Quality Firearm Products in Mesa, Arizona

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American Weapons Components is a Mesa, Arizona, company that emphasizes top tier customer service in providing a full range of firearms industry products that are used in creating and altering handguns and rifles. Many of American Weapons Components’ products are US-manufactured and allow the building of custom Glocks, AR-10s, and AR-15s to individual specifications.

AWC also stocks a full range of US and internationally made tactical gear, from combat packs to shields. The firm’s Senior Management team strives to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction and often personally interacts with customers, ensuring they receive the items they ordered quickly and answering any questions they might have.

AWC abides by US government regulations in which items such as machined bodies and receiver blanks are not classified as firearms, as per the existing “80 percent” rules. The company strongly supports the Constitution-defined right of citizens to own guns for the purpose of personal protection and sports shooting.