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Before your business can get off of the ground, there are two important numbers you will need to start your tax preparer training. In order to prepare tax returns for compensation, you are required to obtain a Preparer’s Tax Identification Number (“PTIN”). To electronically file tax returns, you must acquire an Electronic Filing Identification Number (“EFIN”).

A PTIN is an identification number that all paid tax return preparers must use on U.S. federal tax returns submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. You can obtain a PTIN online at at a cost of $64.25 per year. Please note, however, if you are not an Attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent, you are now required to pass the Registered Tax Return Preparer Competency Test (“Test”) before preparing tax returns. Those who had an active PTIN last tax season (on or before April 18, 2012) are not required to take the Registered Tax Return Preparer Competency Test until December 31, 2013. You must have an online PTIN account before you can schedule to take the test. If you have an online PTIN account, please schedule your appointment through your account by selecting “View Next Steps” from the Main Menu. If you do not have a PTIN account, please call 1-855-IRS-EXAM (477-3926). Please note that all applicants are required to undergo a background check. Should you not have the time, resources, or inclination to take the Test, please call America’s Tax Office so we can discuss lawful alternatives.

An EFIN is a number assigned by the IRS to an individual admitting that person into IRS eservices and authorizing that individual to electronically file tax returns. Although there is no cost, the application process will require you to submit your fingerprints and agree to a background check. If you encounter a problem, we will work with you to identify a lawful solution.