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Jerry Merchant

America's Communities

The America's Watchman is here to Reclaim the original Jurisdiction (Authority) of the Constitution of the United States as demonstrated and documented in The key excerpts of the majority opinion of the court, Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S 137 ( 1803 )...With this in mind, a Legislature's act is just a Legislature's act, it's not law until it is compared to the Constitution to see if it's Constitutional, and if it is not, then, it's automatically void, and it's the Judge's decision to say so. Only those Judges who apply This Rule of Constitutional Law; this is the only way to walk through the statutes, and Interpret the Constitution to make Lawful Judgments. This is the living organism that makes the Constitution become a Living Instrument to Support, Defend, and Uphold All American Citizen's Rights .

America's Watchman---Dedicated to Serving America's Communities Constitutionally.