Amer Junaid

management consultant and Public Speaker in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I am a management consultant based out of Dhaka. The consulting scene here is currently abuzz with activity. As a management consultant at KPMG, I’m currently involved in a number of projects, including govt. and foreign aid, aviation, development and construction to name a few.

I’ve always fostered a passion to help businesses perform better, not just by helping generate more turnover, but also by aiding businesses thrive in realizing their core values. Working at a Big 4 consulting firm engages me in positions where I can nurture that passion and allows me to contribute to businesses technically as well as assist in strategic decision making by understanding and re-engineering clients' business models from a holistic level.

I am also the principal consultant of Incubator Consulting, a boutique consulting firm which specialises in providing customised training and workshops for businesses and individuals, business advisory/strategy and business services.

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  • Work
    • KPMG
  • Education
    • Monash University, Australia