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hey all ya sluts n mutts

dis ur gurl amethyst n ill b ur tour guide through hell

first things first :

🍺 im 9+6 years old in reality

🍺 im an aspiring drummer and professional wrestler

🍺 im autistic/add+adhd so i talk abt the stuff im into ,alot

heres sum miscellaneous for u:

💖 i hav an AMAZING qpp @badgem whos homestly the most amazing person i could ask for and shes better than urs 💖

‼️ im also fickin ‼️

im not into the whole dont follow if u see urself as me thing cuz im pretty confident but were gna list em anyway the hell

<< not even kin / das me >>

amethyst / su



yang xiao long / rwby

lor mcquarrie / the weekenders

rin hoshizora / love live

ashley spinelli / recess

marceline abadeer / adventure time

soul evans / soul eater

<< secondary >>

hefty smurf / smurfs


<< tags / synpaths >>

mako mankanshoku / kill la kill

banba / princess jellyfish

z / neokosmos

⚡️ MY SPECIAL INTERESTS INCLUDE: sloths, wwe, su, ufc, knd, rwby, love live, retro snes games, skateboarding, drumming, nicki minaj, babymetal, sum 41, nirvana, n sleater-kinney⚡️

my art account which u should definitley follow is @hiptides and u shuld totally follow my accoumt and become one of my minions :3c

(if u read this dm me a pic of jon arbuckle n ill giv u the key to my fuckhouse)