Hey!! My name is Lola or Leo, my friends call me that but if you don't know me then just call me Amethyst, Wolfie, or Crybaby. I'm a lesbian too, haha.

I'm neurodivergent!! I'm professionally diagnosed with all of these: Autistic spectrum disorder, BPD, Social Anxiety, Clinical Depression, and Paranoia.

My kin types go as follows:

Amethyst (Steven universe, don't follow if you kin w/ her!! darky is the only exception)

Fritz the Cat (Comic and movie)

Grizzly bears

Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)

Lorna Morello (OITNB, dm me to follow)

Sadness (Inside Out)

Crybaby (Character from the album, Crybaby by Melanie Martinez)

Anyways yea!! Don't follow if you're ableist, homophobic/transphobic, racist, or sexist. Also, if you're an asshole, don't follow if you're just going to invalidate my mental illnesses. Some people tell me my BPD is "too much" and I don't need that in my life lmfao.

DM me a pic of any of my kin types if you've read this!