Christina Marin

Windsor Ontario

I am a Canadian Metaphysical Artist. I have been on my spiritual and artistic journey since I was very young. Always being a highly intuitive and empathic soul. I am of Romany Gypsy and Mohawk Native bloodline, and I am blessed that my ancestry has given me many beliefs and gifts. My artwork is often Chaotic in nature, flowing very easily between light and dark, just as I myself am a mix of light and dark. I get most of my inspirations from Dreams, Meditation, the Moon & Stars, Spirit Channeling and Nature.

I currently run an Etsy shop- earthspiritandstars, as well as a shop on Amaranth Marketplace of the same name, both areas where my work can be purchased. You can also find me on many other Social Networks, all of the same name. Including Facebook- This is where I show my creations, have free Tarot readings for the fans of the page, and teach about the Craft. The teachings consist of Crystal & Mineral's in healing and magick, as I like to refer to myself as a "Crystal Witch", since rocks and minerals are my thing..along with all other kinds of magickal teachings and tips.

I run all of these shops and social media sites with the help of my fiance. Together we offer a variety of creations. I am a Pagan Artist, and the medium I work in the most is Oil's. Yes, I am a typical Artist too, always needing a creative outlet to keep me balanced and happy. I sleep very little due to inspirations that will come to me at any given time, and wouldn't have it any other way. My Fiance is an amazing Astrologer, with many years of experience. He is our shop Astrologer, and offers many types of Custom Astrological Charts. Together we also create a variety of Metaphysical items/tools, such as Talisman, Witches Bottles, Ritual Oils & Salts.

We will eventually be creating our own website, but for now, you can find us on the links connected to this page.