Amet Nazifi

Amet Nazifi has served as a Senior Compliance Officer in the financial industry since 2009. In this position, Mr. Nazifi focuses on licensing administration and regulatory reporting, and he provides assistance for regulatory exams. His firm hired Amet Nazifi in 1989 as a Senior Real Estate Collector, and he earned a promotion to Senior Foreclosure Adjustor in 1994. Excelling in these roles, he managed a portfolio of $20 million in delinquent real estate loans and oversaw foreclosure proceedings for clients in 23 states. A team leader, Mr. Nazifi set a precedent of productiveness for his colleagues and subordinates and personally trained and mentored dozens of new staff members during his five years in the position.

Amet Nazifi earned another promotion to Foreclosure Operations Manager in 1998. His focuses in this position included handling a $60 million mortgage portfolio, increasing collections on delinquent loans, and managing a team of 12 direct reports which analyzed the performance of mortgages and consumer loans. In this leadership role, he also collaborated with attorneys to accelerate foreclosure processes, directed audits of property and consumer loan losses, and acted as a subject matter expert in numerous cases. From 1998 to 2005, Amet Nazifi represented his firm and helped recoup losses via bankruptcy transactions.

In 2005, Amet Nazifi accepted a promotion to State Team Compliance Officer. In this new position, he ensured that his firm met all state and federal regulatory statutes in its U.S. mortgage and consumer loan activities. During his four-year tenure in the role, Mr. Nazifi also evaluated pending legislation and its effect on the company’s business practices and helped develop working solutions to lessen compliance risks for U.S. branch networks.