Cane (@ametthhyst)

Cane (@ametthhyst)

Hi, my name is Cane! (that's me >) I'm asexual, demiromantic and trigender (shifts between male to demiboy to agender). I like to draw, sing, play piano, write songs, spend time with my friends, etc. I am a huge feminist and I will fight for people's rights. My page is no place for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism or any other type of discrimination.

If you're here you probably want to follow my Instagram. I just want to warn you about a couple things:

1) I spam quite a bit. I mean my post count is around 5K. The captions usually consist of my thoughts and and almost never relate to the photo, unless it is something important. Side note: I don't type in a formal way at all. My typing style has little to no capital letters or punctuation because I turned off autocorrect and I'm too lazy to fix any of it.

2) This place is kind of my safe space. Please don't intrude on that. If you're from school and we aren't that close, don't bother requesting to follow me. Nothing here will really interest you.

3) I do post my art from time to time. It's basically just doodles of characters and my OCs (which I have quite a bit of). I am still improving a lot so I change up my style like every week or so.

4) I don't commonly post triggering stuff, but if I do happen to post something that upsets you, let me know so I can tag for it or just stop posting it altogether.

5) I'm in a lot of fandoms. The main ones I post about right now are Steven Universe, Undertale, and certain animes (more obscure ones). I also talk about Neko Atsume and Love Live! quite a bit, you can thank my friend for that.

That's all you really need to know! If you have any questions feel free to direct message me on Instagram.