Arline Exconde Raijmakers

Small Business Owner, Therapist, and Nurse in the Netherlands

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Hi, welcome thanks for checking me out.

My name is Arline. I chose amextraordinary as my username, I thought it's amazing. amex being my initials and guess I am entitled to call me that and I think we are all extraordinary in our own way.

Arline is a loving mom, wife and grandmother, also a caring nurse, an educator, a passionate singer,dancer,writer, chef and photographer in her own right, health enthusiast, massage therapist, joker, a good friend and a lover of nature and environment.

She is a native of the beautiful island of the Philippines and mostly spent her life there. More than 7 years ago, she moved to the Netherlands to live there permanently with her Dutch husband. She loves traveling, visited at least 2 Asian countries and 7 in Europe. She hopes to do a lot more.

She has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a 2 year post graduate studies in Master of Arts in Nursing. She had worked in the different departments of nursing, in the hospital, as a private nurse, an industrial nurse but what she loved the most was when she started teaching and imparting knowledge and skills to future nurses. There were also periods in her life that she worked in sales and ventured in few businesses.

She has 2 children, Justin and Isabel, both already grown ups. Justin lives in the Philippines with her first granddaughter Lila and his fiancee. Isabel lives with her in the Netherlands.

She can speak 3 different languages. Tagalog, her native tongue and English being their 2nd language fluently and Dutch which she hoped to "perfect" some day, who knows? :) Nothing is impossible. In Japan and Taiwan she was also able to learn and speak both languages.

At present, she owns 2 businesses, the Feel N Heal Massage and Health N Wellness Forever where she markets and promotes beauty, health and wellness products based in the healing plant - ALOE VERA.

She's continually developing herself in the area of communication and she has faith that it will be realized very soon.

  • Work
    • Healthcare
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Master of Arts in Nursing (2 years)