Software Engineer in New York

Cornell CS, 2016. Native New Yorker but Barcelona is my second city. I speak Spanish and love food, design, city maps, & traveling.

I want to use data to make our daily experiences richer. I've worked at Microsoft on a data analytics team for Windows 10, and at NYC grad school Cornell Tech on a matching algorithm for students and companies. My language of choice is Python, (even though I prefer languages with a static type system -- much less headache).

I'm super passionate about making this world equal for everyone living in it. I was co-president of Women in Computing at Cornell. I organized photo campaigns, tech talks, and high school classes to get more women in CS. The US is 51% women, but women only make up 16% of technical roles. This needs to stop being ok.

In my free time, I research restaurants online, listen to Spanish music, and wander aimlessly around New York. I play tennis, love instant film photos, and avoid chocolate at all costs.