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Anisa M. Fathiyah

Wanderer, Thinker, and Student in West Java, Indonesia

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The name is Anisa M. Fathiyah, or Fira for short. Currently living in Depok, West Java. Graduated from Universitas Indonesia, Business Administration - Marketing major.

An ambivert in her 20s, and currently trying to conquer all her quarter-life crisis. She likes to think about life while she's in commuter line, on her way back home. She express her feeling through words, mostly. And ah, she's trying her best to cope with 580 km of distance, away from her SO.

Currently working as a full-time content writer in a financial start-up company. She starts her career life as a a marketing intern back in 2015, and a full-time marketing officer in 2016, and both for start-up company.

  • Education
    • University of Indonesia