Amgad Soliman


Hi! I’m Amgad .. If you are my friend you can call me soly :D

actually I don't have alot to say about myself, but since we are in then I can't leave this field empty, so here's some basic info:
15/7/1995 is my birthday, engineering student (civil department), living in Mansoura, Egypt.

As for some of my interests, I like pop, rock music, or you could say all genres of singing :D Movies & video games & outdoors & fast food & PIZZA! In love with soccer, Real Madrid is my life! 24 hours online :$ Waiting for my graduation & Hope one day I'll spend my rest live abroad.

mmm.... ok that's enough until I can find inspiration to write more .. I just found out how difficult it is to write about your self!
damn, how could those authors write thousand pages about their biographies!!!!

  • Education
    • El Malek El Kamel High School
    • Faculty Of Engineering - MET Academy