AMGW Agency

Miami. FL, US

AMGW Agency is an integrated marketing and communications agency. The full-service organization has served some of the world’s largest brands through offices that span from the Dominican Republic and Panama to Spain and the United Arab Emirates. AMGW Agency’s major clients include, among others, Chevrolet, Gucci, Versace Home, Tommy Hilfiger, BMW, Maybelline, and Porsche. The agency’s portfolio of services includes media placement, online marketing, brand licensing, and public relations, and its international network of partners provides it with the intellectual resources needed to effectively deploy regionally targeted campaigns.

Recognized in 2013 as one of South Florida’s fastest-growing companies, AMGW has earned several awards. South Florida Business Journal recognized AMGW as one of the top innovators in the area and in 2012 named it one of the five biggest PR firms. Founder, president, and CEO Edward de Valle was also named South Florida’s “Top Innovator” by the Miami Sun Post in 2012.