adam hasler

cambridge, ma

I jumped in the deep end without knowing how to swim when I was little and have done so ever since. From starting a business before even having a management position (it succeeded) to playing polo competitively in Argentina without even knowing how to ride a horse (not as successful), I've never been scared of the effort or learning required to make or do what I thought was great. I'm inspired and fascinated by systems of knowledge and bodies of data, and like to figure out ways to make that information useful, fun, and beautiful.

Fast Company magazine described me as intellectually voracious and having "transdisciplinary" interests, demonstrating "cross-cultural competency" and "computational thinking," and having a "high degree of social intelligence" (as indicated by my desire to apply my knowledge to helping people and ability to collaborate with others that have different skills). In real life, the people around me most (my roomies, a.k.a. my fiancee and my sister) know me as the brother and partner who insists on cooking dinner almost every night (but always refuses to do the dishes), daily yoga partner (mysore-style ashtanga), the party responsible for all the electronics junk and history books laying around, and frequent trouble maker.

I'm serious about developing processes for turning ideas into reality, and I admire those that get the execution right more than I admire those with just ideas. I seek out and surround myself with imaginitive individuals with good taste who are committed to creating awesome stuff.