Ami Reiss

Founder of Reiss Management in Montreal, Canada

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Ami Reiss (Amichai Reiss) is the founder of Reiss Management, a residential real estate company that owns and manages rental properties throughout Montreal.

Ami Reiss attended Yeshiva University, studying business and psychology at the school. In 2006, he began working at Divco, one of the largest construction companies in Quebec, where served as the right-hand man of the company’s founder and chairman. He also worked as a project manager on multiple large projects, such as Palais des Congress, along with others.

Following his work at Divco, Reiss made the switch to real estate management, working as a project manager for a real estate division called Vista. In 2009, he branched out on his own in the real estate industry by buying a 16-unit building. After experiencing success with his first property, he sold that building and went to purchase one with 88 units. Later, he became the managing partner of a large multi-residential portfolio.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Ami Reiss is an avid philanthropist, donating to multiple organizations, including synagogues, food banks, schools, and medical organizations.