A. Michael Bloom

Certified professional coach and live Google Hangouts expert A. Michael Bloom has inspired thousands of fellow caregivers, professionals and the organizations that support them with practical strategies to sustain their energy so they can make a living doing work they love and provide sustainable supports for the long-term. Michael published his first book in 2013, The Accidental Caregiver’s Survival Guide: Your Roadmap to Caregiving Without Regret. Through his personal marketing savvy and investment in studying with expert mentors, Michael sold hundreds of books, had tips shared on dozens of media sites, and is a sought after interview guest, trainer, workshop facilitator, and featured conference speaker. Given his quick level of success, Michael partnered with Jon Schumacher in 2014 to train fellow authors, coaches, and consultants to enhance their visibility so they can get their much needed products and services out in a bigger way to better the world. Jon and Michael have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to mastering and implementing effective hangout marketing projects. They share a mission to support others to leverage this technology in ways to quickly build their authority and generate steady income in their businesses.