Amichai Vardi

A well-regarded leader in the field of manufacturing, Amichai Vardi received his M.S. in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 2001. His thesis, “Process and Feature Oriented Product Design for Injection-Molding,” explores the use of computer-assisted engineering (CAE) as a means of improving the efficiency and quality of the production of injection-molded plastic parts. One of the goals of the thesis is it to assist designers in using total quality management principles when designing single components. Mr. Vardi’s overall goal is to offer a design that meets high standards while reducing costs and lead time.

As Senior Mold Designer and Engineering Manager at Plasel in Israel, Amichai Vardi developed his expertise in efficient design processes and manufacturing. While working as a Production Manager at a Plasel mold-making facility, he improved productivity by 50 percent without hiring additional employees. At Plasel, Mr. Vardi also designed the Logiclick, a durable, flexible set of stacking plastic components intended for the transport and storage of film reels.

After completing his Master’s degree, Amichai Vardi became a design engineer at Medtronic. He currently focuses on the company’s Sensor Value Stream, leading a staff of 230 in the process of designing and improving Medtronic’s diabetes sensors. Pursuing an accomplished career, Mr. Vardi has achieved a 65 percent decline in customer complaints and a 50 percent cost reduction, while quadrupling output.