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Amie Brownfield

Product Planner in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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Purchasing professional and inspired artist/crafter. Living life with passion, authenticity and integrity and an unshakable conviction that the earth is a beautiful place to hang out. Proud to be a ripple on this big blue marble, part of the dance of the universe and to make a positive and unmistakable difference in the lives that I touch. I see possibility everywhere. I love rain, cooler weather, my family and friends, sharpie markers, getting elbow deep in clay and chicken sausage, not necessarily in that order. I have lived in Oshkosh, Oranmore, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Virginia Beach, Seattle and a brief stint in Eau Claire that is irrelevant to anything powerful or notable to my lifetime thus far. Circumnavigated the globe three times as a youngster with my adventurous tally-ho mother who opened my sister and my eyes to fire dancers and cremation ceremonies in Ubud, Tuk-Tuk’s in Bangkok, fantastic ramparts near Beijing, monsoons in Mumbai, marsupials north of Sidney, the sewers and catacombs of Paris and La Ramblas of Barcelona. I’ve sung karaoke, eloped, thrown a pirate birthday party for myself, driven cross-country, been a Navy Ombudsman, danced down the street singing “If I were a rich man” with my father, watched a cow being born, am not a big hugger, have enough sales from my Etsy stores to possibly pay for my coffee monthly and administer the Facebook page “Taco Soup”.