Amie Gabriel

Santa Barbara, California, United States

Hi! I'm Amie! I'm the owner of a holistic, nature based fitness company, a yoga & meditation instructor, and outdoor activities guide. Join me as I add "World Traveler" to my resume!



I planned my first big trip abroad... and then I actually DID it! I’m “a woman of a certain age", I live in Southern California & I’ve been dreaming of traveling for as long as I can remember. Initially, that dream didn't exactly include going solo but, hey, things change. A girl can only wait so long before she takes matters into her own hands. Several years ago I stopped waiting for things to happen and started making things happen. Now I'm done waiting for "someday" to travel, My “someday” is here, and I’m going! And so can you!! I'll share with you everything I'm learning on this amazing adventure... from itinerary planning to cell phone use in other countries to the all important shoe selection!! I want the hear your experiences as well so we can all learn from each other! Are you ready?? I sure am!! Let the adventure begin...


CERTIFIED GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR WITH THE AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE, CERTIFIED YOGA INSTRUCTOR, PROFESSIONAL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES GUIDE, Artist, Writer, Guided Relaxation Recording Artist & armature photographer. Amie is an avid hiker, runner, kayaker, biker & snowshoer, and has also enjoyed para-sailing, zip lining and whitewater rafting. Amie grew up combing the beaches and hiking the foothills of Santa Barbara, spent her childhood summers exploring gardens and riding horses in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica (prior to this, the only place she'd ever been outside of the US), and spent time watching the seasons change as she explored the New England woods. She has taken this lifelong love of nature and deep connection with the earth as inspiration in all of her endeavors, both personally and professionally, and uses it as the foundation for all her pursuits. Expanding on the concept of “Mind, Body & Spirit”, Amie has felt deeply compelled to share her passion for the art of relaxation & mindfulness, the pursuit of whole body fitness and wellness, helping women identify and pursue their dreams, and the necessity of creating a space in our lives for “Peace, Quiet & Solitude” and believes it to be her true calling.

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