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Student, Writer, and Tutor in San Francisco, California

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MY NAME IS AMIE. I am 20 and I am a sophomore at the University of San Francisco majoring in English Literature and minoring in Journalism, and doing a dual degree in Education (dual as in allows me to complete a year of my graduate education as I also work on my undergraduate degree). I would like to become an English teacher, then maybe a principal to impact a whole school. I am currently a tutor for the San Francisco Unified School District. I moved to San Francisco just a year ago, and being in the city has not only transformed me from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but it has also made me more excited about my writing!

Although I want to become a teacher, I would also love to do writing on the side. And, I figured what better way to get my writing out there than with a blog? I first discovered my passion for writing in second grade when I wrote my first story, "How the Bat Got its Wings". I have been writing ever since, and I love it. And, when you love something, you want to show it to, and share it with, the world. So, this is why I am here. To expose my writing and to share it with those staring into their screens around the world. By the way, what I post is my writing. And all of the pictures I post are my pictures I have taken because I want my blog to be completely me. It is from my brain, my experiences, my dreams, my eyes, and my life. And, they are all true stories and dreams I have had, except for the book excerpts I post to the blog, my books are fiction books.

More fun facts about me: I am a writer, a Gates Millennium Scholar, a major bookworm, very analytical, nocturnal, in love with John Lennon, incredibly intelligent, a dreamer, afraid of ketchup, huge music lover, unique soul, somewhat hippie, roller skater, sweetheart usually, I love Fashion, I really love shopping, I love animals especially dogs, I am drug and alcohol free, love trying new things, I am always going on adventures, I was born in the wrong era, I am into crafting and DIY projects, I am always laughing and smiling, I am a future teacher, I am a peace lover, a germaphobe, very family oriented, artistic, I love singing even though I sound like a goat with a sore throat, and I am one of a kind.

If you made it to the end of my pedantic short biography, thank you for reading. And, if you love reading, check out the writing pieces on my blog. I post a new one every Sunday. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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