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An online resource for anyone looking for great custom amiibo figures displayed! What to make your own custom amiibo figure? Learn more today!

Besides that - my other passion is ps4 games! If you are looking for two great games to play I have my two favorites!

Street Fighter 4 - This is the game that brought arcade gaming back to the masses. It's been too long since the last Street Fighter game was released, and the world was starting to forget what an amazing series it is.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - This game was titled as 'the biggest release in entertainment history' and it certainly didn't disappoint. With thousands upon thousands of players competing online already, a campaign mode that is equal to any other single player game out there, and the now-legendary Spec Ops mode that's as good as anything I've ever experienced in a video game, Modern Warfare 2 is right up there among the best games.