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Ami Jones

Denver, Colorado

Altruistic Adventurer means to me a person on a journey seeking adventure while showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others and the earth.

I developed a passion for the world and all of the beauty created within it at a very young age. I am continuing that passion in many facets of my own life. I am an operations guru, adventurer, lifelong student, observer, listener and connector.

My roots: I was born and raised in Colorado, USA and I fell head over heels with the outdoors and nature. I have always dreamt of seeing and experiencing the entire world. At a young age I also developed a yearning to become a global citizen and to connect with the world outside of my own.

Me now: I am seeking to connect people that are passionate about sustainable travel and giving back (whether it be ecotourism, community tourism, green travel, international education...) and build out our global community to help create greater positive impacts within the world.

In travel, I feel that we seek a sense of wanderlust or the "desire to travel to understand one own’s existence." Also, in doing this it is our responsibility to create greater understandings and cultural sensitivity within the world.

I am fortunate to have a job that I love, working as an Operations Coordinator ("yeah OPC, yeah you know me...") on the "Polar Bear team" working in mainly Arctic regions at Natural Habitat Adventures.

I have experience with international education in Brazil, have studied in Peru, experienced and travelled in places such as Central America, South Korea, road-tripped through Spain and Portugal, rovered in the Arctic and swam through the Caribbean... that is .me, I look forward to know .you.

  • Work
    • Natural Habitat Adventures, Jelly Café
  • Education
    • International Studies with a focus in Sustainable Tourism
    • International Business