Ami Katiyar

Throughout his career, Ami Katiyar has commanded many notable projects for major worldwide companies representing a diverse range of consumer industries. With almost 13 years of experience increasing revenue and market share, Ami Katiyar boasts a record of implementing successful growth strategies. Acting as both a planner and an advisor, Ami Katiyar focuses on the unique needs of his employers while producing innovative approaches that not only increase revenue but also cut unnecessary costs and eliminate inefficiencies.

A highly regarded strategist with global vision and many years' experience developing emerging markets, Ami Katiyar positions companies at the front of the line in the race to tap lucrative new revenue streams. His skill set includes work in corporate licensing, franchising, and joint ventures as well as mergers, alliances, and acquisitions. In addition to working with a variety of luxury brands, he leverages his talents in the hospitality, retail, and financial services industries. In addition to business and culture fluency in a global context, Mr. Katiyar holds fluency in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Hindi. As a testament to his desire to master the burgeoning Asian market, he is currently studying Mandarin.

Moving forward, Ami Katiyar seeks opportunities in the General Manager capacity that capitalize his strengths and assets in global strategy, business development, and international operations. Mr. Katiyar's experience as a consultant, project manager, and cross-functional executive has positioned him to take on the day-to-day operations of a company dedicated to investing in international relationships. Among his many responsibilities to date, Mr. Katiyar has provided important strategic vision to Global Fortune 500 companies and implemented new approaches for past employers that have resulted in more than $180 million in revenue and $125 million in savings.