Ami M Yamazaki, Energy Mentor

Intuitive Conosultant, Trainer, and Lecturelar in California

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Hi, My name is Ami Yamazaki – an energy management advisor, educator, intuitive consultant, and formerly Brand Communication Executive at a full-service ad agency in Tokyo, Japan. I help individuals and companies provide insights, deliver clarity for the next Level Success to who need to organize their thoughts, ideas, and gaining clarity a little better.

I'm passionate about identifying nonphysical elements - Energy -, amplify awareness, deliver practical insights, support Personal Power grow.

Each day I share a reminder on video stream to Think Better, Feel Better, to Be Better in maintaining everyday healthy alignment, and (sometimes) Read Your Energy intuitively for healing.

Come see me, let us join an ideal focus for deepening clarity and awareness. You may find useful resonance to adopt new views and ideas which might practically help you manage your energy in fast-paced life...

Look forward to connecting with you.

Clarity, for your absolute next success!

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Energy Management Consultant,Intuitive Advisor

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