Amin Sainon


FarmOfHonor was launched in December 2012 because I found myself needing to connect with other young agriculture entrepreneurs. The site purpose is to encourage the next generation agriculture entrepreneur to embrace the sustainable farming model and gave big guy farming business a nice kick at rear-end. Even-though, the site are new but the philosophy was long blossom.
But I know nothing about sustainable agriculture… I hear you …

Well Don’t worry, the information and advice on FarmOfHonor is more towards help and guide toward that direction. Wise man said, for people who seek they will found.

Even if you just not into farming or don’t have a huge land to farm you still can be a sustainable farmer at your backyard.

Because, sustainable farming is not just about profit its more into philosophy and practice.

FarmOfHonor founder Amin Sainon has shown that being young and a college drop out is not the end of the world.

My story maybe not fascinating yet inspirational I guess but I want to show what we are capable of.

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