Amina Anwar

I Just Love To EnJoy Myself In Music And Do
Others Stuff Lyk As usual Teenager 's activities They do.And Love Guiter' Very

I Wish I've a Band Of My Ownself Where Lessdrama's Girl's (On My Dream-I Made a Team :| )Rock On My World .But Unfortunately "I am dreaming of a life that I'll Never Have Or ,Will Have" :s

Its Really Not Happening At All !That Sometym's I'm Look Just lyk A "Angryous" Gal...... ' I Admit
About Friends :Bitches If You Have A problem With Me Tell Me -__- Not Everyboy Else! Thanks :P

I'm a' Freaky! music lover' l**!!!

গান শোনা নৈতিক দায়িত্বর অন্তর্ভুক্ত :) -মাঝেমাঝে মনে হয় কান টা চলে যাবে চিরতরে তবুও... ♫
║██║ ♫
║(●)║ It rocKzZZ ....\mE/

♫ ♫ ♥.♥. * .* ..
!________________.♥♫♥♫.______-.♥♫♥. * .* . * .
!________________.♥♫♥♫♥._-.♥♫♥♫. * .

by d way i just....just ''kisor pasha' ' So So much ! (Tin goenda)
One thing!....;)

I Don't know anything!!!
just love Her!!
She rockz me!
She's My inspiration Card!
I Can't sleep one any night...
Without Listening Atleastone of her song!
by da way আই ♥ ইউ 'Taylor!swifty!:) ;) ;)
u r one n million!!Billion!!Trillion!!♥ ♥ ♥!

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