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Amina Abdulla

I'm a tech and outdoors enthusiast living in San Francisco, born and brought up in Bombay.

I work on solving challenging real world data problems at Cloudera, and enjoy every step of the process fom infrastructure, building ETL pipelines to implementing machine learning techniques for analyzing patterns from data.

I'm passionate about working with data - with massive amounts of high throughput processing and cheap hardware we are in the data age - the levels of granularity data is currently avaiable in, is a disruptive and powerful medium. The Information age, which involves: Translating and deriving meaningful insights that feedback into the data generation, optimization, business and product development loop some of the things taking up my mental bandwith most of the time.

This page, because I haven't got the time to develop/update my sparce free time is spent exploring outdoors or riding my bike.

I'm happy to discuss machine learning, data mining, hadoop, cloudera or pretty much anything interesting.

I also love good eats and am working on refining my taste buds for an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Email me if you would like to know more about being a Solutions Architect and being part of a great team at Cloudera.