Aminder Singh

I am a guy, filled with ego of being a 'Self Made Man' for those educational institutes (specially the one which is the leading convent school of Pune, and has campus near Camp, Undri and Kalyani Nagar.) who rejected my admission in nursery just for a reason, my father being a auto-rickshaw driver.Yet being interviewed for nursery, another convent school placed me in upper k.g. for mistakenly being interviewed for the higher class.Not being a ranker in the higher classes, but always bang appreciated to be involved in multiple activities(apart from sports, My weight was 98 kgs when I was in 9th std.) in my school life, I managed to pass my metric with first class.Inspired by my mother, who in my early days started a retail outlet (financed by my uncle, having trust on her)within our society, facing a lot from resistance from a lot of people(inside & outside),understood that life is gonna be enjoyable only if I learn to enjoy these hurdles.Started working at the age where everyone enjoys movies, going out with friends and having fun. I started enjoying my work from the age of around 16 years. Having a great experience of marketing, purchasing and office management, I loved interacting with people and understanding them.Then I got an opportunity for working with No. 1 Private bank as a financial consultant. Mysterious part being, I had no knowledge of what is finance? or what is investments? They taught me. I started loving it.. or maybe I enjoyed learning it. The field was vast, the knowledge we enormous, but over a period of time I found myself being a normal marketing –guy. The knowledge not being used, sales to be made according to the targets (normally over achieved when the products were investor friendly) Money started losing the priority in my life at early age during my graduation itself (I graduated from one of the leading colleges of Pune), and started working for the needs of my investors. Soon after my graduation I started with the consultancy of my own. I got broking, insurance, Mutual funds, Bonds, company deposits and many more investment instruments under my portfolio. I started up sturdy. There was no pressure to sell. Business was growing. I urged my dad to join me. I loved being an advisor, but as my equity knowledge being nil, my eagerness to learn it a better way was at a high. Over a period of time I got a tag of equity broker and my other investment products got overshadowed.