Amine Elouattar

Kenitra, Morroco

My name is Amine ELOUATTAR and I grew up in our house in the suburbs of Kenitra with my family of four. Life was simple , our quiet neighborhood bore witness to our curiosity, and as kids we often took the nearby playground for our adventures, but as I grew older I was becoming more and more interested in technology. I still remember the feeling of excitement when I got my first computer, I was trying to uncover every secret it held and understand its inner workings, at that time, I had made it my life goal to become a computer engineer. And here I am today, a few steps away from my goal. I had spent the last couple of years studying software engineering and I had learnt the value of hard work, self reliance and responsibility. this year I'm pursuing the professional license in mobile application engineering while working on a couple of projects with some of my friends in order to expand both my knowledge and experience.