Amine Raiss

Student in Montpellier, France

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Since my early ages , i am a dreamer and a creative person , always thinking about creating stuff and share it with my friends. I always loved to discover new peoples , new countries , and new cultures.I love to learn new things and discover differents points of view from people around the world. My previous experience allowed me to open my mind and discover new ways of work , trough different departments.

I really want to continue in this environment , the marketing is a field where i am comfortable.

I want to learn more about social, especially about childhood. Even if my favorites hobbies are ATV, jet ski , and cars , i am not really interested by working in this domain.

I want to be able to manage people and myself step by step by learning and apply from the biggest leaderships in the history.

Like the Adidas Slogan says " Impossible Is Nothing" and i agree with it.