Amin Musa

I am blessed that Macrobiotics found me in July of 2009. I take this date to be the begining point of my macrobioic travels. For me, Macrobiotic Travels signifies the adventure element in a fascinating journey of sharing health and happiness though macrobiotics with everyone who truly wants to live a joyful life. A life that unfolds from a sesnse of connection with the divine. A life that is guided by the true authentic you that is calling you towards it moment to moment.

Through Macrobiotic Travels, I wish to visit new places and meet wonderful individuals to grow together with. I also wish to encounter inspiring ideas, new healing teachings, and spiritual experiences.

My Macrobiotic Travels are mainly guided b the desire to touch the lives of individuals with fun, healing, health, and upliftment.

Please check out my blog for information about what I have been up to, and the services that I offer.

I look forward to connecting with you.