Amin Nathari

Q. Amin Nathari is widely acknowledged as a critically acclaimed author, lecturer and commentator, as well as one of the leading and most passionate voices of his generation on the contemporary socio-political issues of our time.

An "independent scholar", Nathari specializes primarily in the analysis and documentation of events and issues that impact Muslims and the Islamic experience in America today. He is also a renowned and respected activist and leader in the Muslim American community. A dynamic lecturer and highly sought after public speaker, he has delivered hundreds of lectures and presentations at more than thirty different (30) mosques and Islamic centers, in addition to dozens of institutions of higher learning, including some of the most renown public and private colleges and universities in the US, as well as libraries, correctional institutions and other venues throughout North America. He has engaged a broad and diverse range of audiences; both small, intimate groups as well as gatherings numbering in the thousands.

His latest published book is titled Making It Plain – On the Record: Selected Blogs, Essays and Writings of Amin Nathari (May 19, 2014, Sabree Press). This work is a selection from amongst his many writings, covering a myriad of subjects and topics beyond the religious or spiritual to encompass community development, economic, education, and socio-political challenges and issues. It offers a compelling narrative of his evolution as an author and lecturer over a nearly twenty (20) year span, and furthers the expectation that he will continue to be a source of results-oriented dialogue intended to foster change, and enhance civic engagement across faith traditions, and socio-political bounds in the 21st Century.

Additionally, Nathari is working on three new books, including his memoir, (working title) Going Back to Move Forward – Growing Up Black and Muslim in America. Continuing what he refers to as his personal Activist and Public Service Project, his work as an author, publisher and activist, Nathari also plans to continue his studies in various areas, including Public Policy and Religion. He gives all credit, praise and thanks to: the Creator for allowing him the opportunity to serve humanity; for his parents who helped lay the foundation upon which he stands, and his greatest inspiration and motivation; his children.