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Blue Eyes
Monitoring Human-Operator System

physiological parameters are supervised.

? The operator wears the DAU.
? The only functions offers to the operator are Authorization to the system and receiving alarm alerts.
? Authorization: Operator has to enter his personal PIN into DAU, if PIN is accepted, authorization is said to be complete.
? Receiving Alerts: This function supplies the operator with the most important alerts about his and his co-workers' condition and mobile device state.

? He is the person responsible for analyzing operators' condition and performance.
? The supervisor receives tools for inspecting present values of the parameters (on-line browsing) as well as browsing the results of the long-term analysis (off-line browsing).
System Administrator:
? He is the user that maintains the system.
? The administrator is delivered tools for adding new operators to the database. Defining alarm conditions.
? Configuring logging tools.
? Creating new analyzer modules.

? Blue Eyes system can be applied in every working environment requiring permanent operator's attention.
? At power plant control rooms.
? At captain bridges.
? At flight control centers.
? Professional drivers.

? The wireless link between the sensors worn by the operator and the supervising system makes it possible to improve overall reliability, safety and assures proper quality of system performance.
? These new possibilities can cover areas such as industry, transportation, military command centers or operation theaters.
? Researchers are attempting to add more capabilities to computers that will allow them to interact like humans, recognize human presents, talk, listen, or even guess their feelings.
? It avoids potential threats resulting from human errors, such as weariness, oversight, tiredness.

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