Sung Hoon Park S

Small Business Owner in South Korea

Sung Hoon Park S

Small Business Owner in South Korea

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Aminopia Inc, a leading amino acid fertilizer manufacturer in Korea. It is not just a company that studies environment-friendly agriculture production, and we are researching, developing and producing high-quality environment-friendly agriculture amino-acid fluid fertilizer based on amino-acid fertilizer and plant food manufacturing technique built for almost 20 years.

Eco Plus:

Environment-friendly product that is biodegradable


It prevents physiological disorder due to deficiency of microelement.

Available for immediate shipment after sprinkle as it does not leave harmful residue.

Environment-friendly product that is biodegradable and unharmful toward human and animal.

Fruit and leaves become clear and vivid due to cleaning process after sprinkle.

Warning before use

Crude fluid should not be in contact with skin.(Skin could turn white and itchy)

You must wear rubber gloves and wash right after contact.

It should be kept in cool place and do not shake it.

Please keep the concentration and method, and do not mix it with alkalic pesticide.

It should be placed where children cannot reach

Method of use

Mix with water and use after adjurvants and eco-plus.

(They should not be directly mixed)

Product diluted with water should be immediately used.

Spray for it to be completely soaked.

Use 1L for 200 pyeong when flushing.

Animal amino-acid crude fluid


100% crude amino-acid.

(No chemical fertilizer and hormone included.)

It becomes the food for beneficial microorganism under the soil so that it is effective in soil improvement and uprooting promotion.

Effective in plant stress reduction such as old-weather damage, lacking sunshine, damage from agricultural chemicals.

It helps the improvement of quality with an increase in sugar content and good coloring.

It contains humic acid that prevents the loss of nutrition due to uprooting promotion and chelate effect.

Method of use

foilage dressing : 1,000 times dilution (using with diluting 500cc in 1.8L)

Soil flushing : flushing 1~2L in 661 square meter

Warning before use

Keep the concentration of dilution and shake it before use.

Prohibiting mixed use with other pesticides that contain potentials of chemical damage including alkalic and streptomycin.

Shake it before use as there could be a precipitation of amino-acid when keeping it for a long time.

Aminopia Inc. an expert in plant growth solutions in Korea and develops environment-friendly agricultural materials, general agricultural materials and environment-friendly a