Aminuddin Syed, (Amin | Zubair | MacGyver)

Business Technologist @ ICT | ELV | IoT | SAP, Systems Integration & Infrastructure, and Technology & Business Solutions Specialist...!!!!! in Malaysia

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*Amin has more than 15+ years of experience in “ICT|ELV|IoT|SAP Technologies” with extensive experience in "Business Development, Branding, Procurement, Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Service Delivery, Design, Build, Implementation, Integration, Migration and Technical Solutions" Architecting & Consulting with Specialization and Expertise in “Data Centers & SAP Infrastructure Technology Administration/Management" (IMS/ITSM/ITIL/PMP) Business Solutions in Professional Services and wide range of multiple domains & industries in Regional, National & International market as working based on Consulting, Projects, Contracts, Onsite, Offshore, On/Off-Roll basis and Freelancer n Self-Employed.

*Amin has Holding many International ®Certifications in Multi-Vendor Technologies & Business Management Administration, He is "Entrepreneur | Business Leader | Technologist" of ICT | ELV | IoT | SAP Infrastructure Technology & Business Solutions Specialist, as n "Architect | Consultant | Advisor | Mentor | Trainer" with (innovator) having an excellent innovative ideas of all time for growth of Business Technology Developments, He is very passionate about Technology and always staying Up-to-date with new dimensionality products and upcoming Technologies.

*Amin is gradually develope his Experience & Career in "ICT | ELV | IoT | SAP" from Electronics, Communication, Computer Science, IT & Other Technologies with Brownfield & Greenfield: Hardware Platform, Networks Infrastructure, Servers/Clients Infrastructure, Data/Voice/Video Technology, Wired/Wireless Communication, Networks/Systems Security, Converged Infrastructure, Virtualization, Unified Computing System, Storage System and Enterprise Business Application/DB Systems (SAP-ERP/HANA) SAP/IT Systems Landscapes Infrastructure in Traditional & Modern Technologies NOC's/DataCenter's with Cloud-Computing Infrastructure solutions on-Premises, Hybrid, Public Up-on IaaS-PaaS-SaaS & XaaS/AaaS Anything as a Service with Facilitate to Business Environment i-e IoT-Internet of Things, Perimeter Security, Safety, Physical Infrastructure, Security Surveillance, (ESS/iBMS) Electronics Security Systems & Integrated Building Management Systems needed to support "IT/DataCenter’s & IT-Assets" Up-to E2E/end-to-end Solutions and Services. +Industry Specific followed Standards, ITIL, PMP, ASAP Methodologies.

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