Ami Julieanna Orto

Based in Las Vegas, model Ami Orto commands extensive experience in modeling and acting. In addition to serving as a spokesmodel, Ami Orto has performed as a print and runway model. While working in the city that serves as home to the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the largest of its kind in the world, Ami Orto has also served as a convention model. In this capacity, Ami Orto functioned as an assistant to a company’s sales representatives during trade show exhibits.

Her responsibilities included encouraging convention attendees to go to a particular exhibit and distributing promotional materials that offered basic information regarding products, as well as talking with customers in order to collect data for future promotional events. Convention and promotional models are often much more effective and affordable than media advertisements. Convention models such as Ami Orto provide attendees with the opportunity to witness a live presentation of a product.

Ami Orto and other models also engage in personal interactions with customers and attendees, clarifying information about the product, increasing awareness, and generating a lasting, positive impression in the consumers’ minds. Ami Orto has also taught runway modeling to others for Hawaiian Tropic. In addition, Ami Orto has served as a body double and performed belly dancing.