Ami Patel

Marketing Specialist and Social Media Manager in Houston, Texas

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I've worked in unique industries such as broadcast media and plastic surgery. I've had the privilege to work with local and national celebrities, politicians, esteemed plastic surgeons, and marketing executives. I hope I have captured your attention by now!

I live and breathe social media. I am constantly on my phone - posting, texting, or just inputting events into my calendar. Don't worry, I still know how to keep a conversation going with an actual individual.

I wear multiple hats at my current position as a marketing specialist. I manage the websites, social media, write and post articles for both magazines and the web, go out to local fashion shows and promote our services, talk to patients, etc. The list will go on, but that is what makes my day fun and exciting. I enjoy attending events and speaking to people, but I also enjoy a day in the office at my desk.

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