Amir Abbas

Medical Student in Czechia

Amir Abbas

Medical Student in Czechia

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Name: Amir Abbas

Age: 1996.AUG.11

Birth: Norway, Oslo

Experience: I have been trained by personal trainers. Because of that, I know a lot about dieting, training and supplements. Unfortunately I used to take huge breaks because of my school, so I didn't achieve the body I want but I gained a lot of experience. This time I got into the field and the university I want so I'm back stronger.

Personality: I'm a very positive person and a dreamer. I love to motivate and help others. Im very confident and I'm really social and talkative.

Goals: My goal is to get sponsored one day. It's very hard at the moment but that's what I want. I love this game and its a part of my life now, hopefully one day I will be able to compete on stage while studying medicine at the same time!

Other: I am also a tech geek, I am always updated to the latest news on what's happening around. Not to mention that I am a gamer too!

Languages: I speak fluent Norwegian, English and Arabic.

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